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Unless you know where to look finding the online can be a real pain in the ass. So what makes one cam site different from another? Think of it like a premium porn site, one site might have loads of content while the other might have the best quality action. Cam sites are no different and every site has it’s good and bad points. is my go to site for a great list of the top online cam sites. I just like the layout of the site, it’s so easy to see why one cam site is better than the other and it’s easy to click through and visit that site. It’s like reading a Sex Blog and discovering the pleasure that comes with knowing your getting nothing but the best! We all deserve that sweet feeling, so before you just visit any old cam site just to get your rocks off, take a few minutes and find out why it’s worth visiting.

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The DDF Network pass that includes access to the legendary Hot Legs And Feet is one pass that you can’t afford to miss out on. This site has been voted the No.1 foot fetish site on the net and for good reason the content is some of the best I’ve seen. You guys get to enjoy over 1,200 smoking got girls and their smooth feet. The content is 100% exclusive and they give you weekly updates with fresh foot fetish action to see.

There’s not shortage of videos either guys and that’s what we’ve come to expect from the DDF network. How does 2,500+ xxx clips and 200,000+ HQ pictures sound? I bet it’s got you hooked and so it should this is one feet fetish site that you can’t go wrong with.

You can get Hot Legs and Feet with this 73% off discount pass here. Just remember guys this is for the full network not just hot legs and feet, there’s 13,000+ videos inside the ddf network and your pass lets you access them all!

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I’ve always had a thing for sexy Asian girls, they’re just so hot! When I see a barefoot Asian girl playing with her toes it sends my heart racing. I love watching them run their hands up and down their smooth feet, starting at the upper leg. Ending all the way down at their toes sends a shiver down my spine. All Japanese Pass has some of the best Asian girls you could wish for with smooth feet. And some totally tight pussies as well.

When looking for Japanese porn, you want it to be as authentic as possible. The team at All Japanese Pass knows this all too well. They take the time to only have the most gorgeous Asian girls on the site and only the best content. You guys can get in on this All Japanese Pass discount for 81% off! That’s a huge saving off the normal price, Jump on this deal right now and enjoy barefoot Asian girls porn.

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Lucy Lee High Heels

While I am a fan of barefoot girls with lots of oil and soft soles on their feet, I can also enjoy a hot babe in high heels. It can be said that high heels are like lingerie for the feet. You look at them incessantly dreaming of peeling them off to reveal those tender soles ready for a foot fucking.

There is no better girl on the planet to model your foot lingerie than Lucy Lee. They have lots of her on SN Babes. It is a site devoted to brining you the most beautiful women in the world.

Along with this hottie there are thousands more models spread over dozens of sites with free xxx pics. All of this is updated daily and you won’t have to pay a dime for any of it.

Find more of Lucy Lee at Snbabes

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BBWgoldx_feet_cam BBWgoldx

BBWgoldx is the total package. This BBW webcam star has an extra thick layer of fat over her entire body. Only real men need apply. She is not interested in cry babies.

If you think you have what it takes to drill this lovely ball of womanly flesh you are in for a real treat. BBWgoldx has big tits, not flap jacks, her ass is full and round, she is exactly what you have been waiting for in one juicy little package.

The one thing this passionate BBW webcam slut asks is that you be a gentleman. She loves romance and men who can appreciate a woman of her caliber. Men who are too domineering will be ignored. Even if you purchased time with her! Yes, she is a bold one!

Create your account on and add BBWgoldx to your favorites!

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Foot Fetish Daily discount porn

4K Ultra HD videos are fucking awesome. But they do have just one little draw back. The files are extremely large and the bitrates are very high making them poor candidates for streaming services like tubes. So you kind of have to pay for them. So here is a nice fat 33% discount to join Foot Fetish Daily for 30 days unrestricted access!

As a member with a discount you get the same daily updates of hot foot fetish videos shot in 4K as everyone else. You can also access their archives loaded with over a thousand videos from over 400 models.

Just our way of saying thank you for being a barefoot maniac!

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Jandi Lin loves a good foot massage

Feet. For some people they are just another part of the body. A way to get from point A to point B. Out of sight, out of mind.

For others, feet are an obsession. Personally, I found out I had a foot fetish when a girl told me so. She had realized that I picked my girlfriends (her included) by the symmetric ratio of her feet compared to body mass.

What? That is exactly what I said. Oh, and I also picked the smarter ones too…

The earliest memory I have of my obsession with feet was a cheerleading rally before an eighth grade football game. At the time I was in the seventh grade. I had promoted into a school with cheerleaders. Even though they were only a year older than myself it seemed like they are light years beyond me and everyone else in my class both physically and socially.

The first thing I noticed were the girl’s feet. Not one large foot among them. All of their feet were what you can consider dainty. From then on I started to notice that fun girls seemed to have small feet and not-so-fun girls tended to have larger feet.

My foot fetish was born. In high school most of the guys were checking out tits and ass. I just had to see her feet and I knew instantly if we were a match. If a girl flirted with me in class it didn’t matter if she was a ten. If her feet were also 10’s, it wasn’t going to work out.

Trying to find a good foot fetish site for Foot Fetish Daily like myself isn’t easy. While I enjoy feet I also enjoy tits and ass. I found some sites that were heavily devoted to feet and often way to devoted.

At you get a combination of both porn and sexy feet. An added bonus is that you often get to see your favorite porn stars like Dylan Riley giving footjobs. They have lots of amateurs too!

Online since 2004 Foot Fetish Daily has tons of archived episodes you can look through. There are no restrictions at Foot Fetish Daily so everything you see can be downloaded and viewed in the privacy of your own home. For life.

Each week a new Foot Fetish Daily episode is added. As with most sites you also get a full set of pics with each video. Everything is exclusive and shot by Foot Fetish Daily, for Bare Foot Maniacs!

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