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We all have our fetishes whether we admit to them or not. I have a foot fetish and I’m sure tons of other people do too. That’s why I’m giving everyone this 59% off discount to Love Her Feet. I’m just that nice of a guy. If you’re feeling extra appreciative then I’m open to footjobs as repayment.

Love Her Feet is for all those hardcore porn lovers who like a bit of a foot-centric angle. Honestly, I wasn’t into this particular kink until later in my sexual life but it quickly became my favorite porn category and this site is now one of my absolute favorite ways to empty out these balls. You’re going to get addicted to these lovely bodies and tantalizing toes. If one of these feet even grazed my leg I think I’d instantly nut in my pants. Yeah, they’re that fucking hot.

The production value is top-shelf so you won’t be missing out on any of the quality you’ve been accustomed to from other high-end sites, so you seriously need to sign up while the price is this cheap!

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Hurry and click this link to get 85% off now with a New Sensations discount. We all deserve to have a little fun now and then.

I’m one of those pervy guys with a ton of kinks. Not just one thing gets me off, so I tend to be all over the place when it comes to my porn viewing habits. I don’t want to get bored with the same old niche, so that’s why I personally enjoy signing up for deals that include several sites.

New Sensations is one of my favorite choices because it covers softcore, girl-on-girl, and straight hardcore content all in one package. It spreads the content out over a network of 15 unique sites, including Jizzbomb, Heavy Handfuls, Four Finger Club, Stretched Out Snatch, The Romance Series, The Lesbian Experience, and Unlimited Milfs just to name a few. Add it all up and this deal will get you over 6,500 scenes to jerk off to. If I were you I would click that discount link and sign up while the price is this cheap!

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I remember the first time I had a girl get me off with just her feet. It was so hot that I jizzed all over her in about 10 seconds. From then on, I’ve been addicted to footjobs, even more than blowjobs. My addiction used to cost me a lot of money too since I joined so many porn sites, but then I found out about all the deals I was missing out on.

Since I believe in sharing (because Momma raised me right), I figured I’d show you where the best deals are. Click here and save up to 83% on these feet porn discounts. Soon you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the toe-curling hardcore foot porn content, but take a few deep breaths and you’ll be just fine.

With the best deals on sites like Hot Legs And Feet, Layered Nylons, Footdom Videos, Barefoot Confidential, Footjob Addict, and so many more, you’ll have your hands busy (or your feet if you’re that flexible). What are you waiting for? Click that link and have some fun.


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When I’m in the bedroom I like to be in total control. Whenever I find a girl who is willing to be my sex slave, I know I’ve found a good one. I usually try to keep her around as long as possible because I have certain sexual needs. There’s just something about that look in their eyes when they are completely helpless that really gets me off.

Fans of domination, bondage, or BDSM porn in general know exactly what I’m talking about. Other porn just can’t give us what we need. That’s why I’m a big fan of the content over at the Dominated Girls site. It has a lot of categories like day camps, jails, classrooms, doctor’s offices, and more. The settings are always great but the action is even better. Are you into forced oral? Clit torture? Hot wax? What about nipple clamps? It’s all there. These girls have been naughty and need to learn the value of discipline.

Click here for a Dominated Girls discount for up to 83% off! It also comes with over 30 bonus hardcore sites from the 21Sextreme network!

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I have a very stressful day job. By the time I get home, I’m completely wiped and I need something to help me unwind. Sometimes the wife gives me a killer handjob, footjob, or quickie up against the washing machine, but sometimes she’s too tired for any of that so she tells me to go watch some porn and leave her alone. I have no problem doing that, but it made me have to shop around to find the best options.

Nothing got me off harder than and their network of hardcore sites like A Load In Every Hole, Epic Handjobs, Kickass Teens, Naked Girls Smoking, Milf Does A Boner Good, Babes With Glasses, and 5 Guy Creampie. All in all, I got 17 bonus sites for just one low price.

This discount unlocks Barefoot Confidential (my personal favorite site of the bunch for obvious reasons) plus all the rest. Now I’m jacking off so much that the wife is getting a bit jealous. It’s making her up her own game, so this is a win-win for me.


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I’ve heard about guys having foot fetishes before, and to be completely honest, I never quite got it. I never saw what was sexy about a woman’s foot. Well, one night I was in bed with my wife, and I decided to give her a little oral pleasure. I slid down between her legs and got to work. At some point, she stretched her leg out and rubbed my throbbing cock with her foot. It sent chills through my whole body.

That was what changed my opinion on the whole matter. We’ve started using her feet more and more often for foreplay, and I love it. I’ve even started watching porn that caters to my new found form of arousal. When I came across foot fetish porn pics, it was like I was in heaven. Until you take a woman’s feet and rub them against your cock, you might not understand what all the fuss is about. I’ve now branched out and had footjobs, and I’ve also shot my hot load of jizz and watched my wife wiggle her toes in it.

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I have a thing for feet. I used to think that made me weird, but then I started checking out foot fetish sites online and realized just how many other people were into the same thing. It was a huge relief. I honestly used to think there was something wrong with me. The girls I’ve been with were always into the whole foot massage thing and a few liked it when I would suck on their toes, but when I started suggesting the things I really wanted to do, they made me feel like I was a weirdo.

Thankfully, I have a plethora of foot fetish porn to occupy my time and remind me that I’m not all that abnormal. Anyone that watches porn regularly knows just how expensive it can get. So I’m always looking for discounts to foot fetish sites. This list of sites has all the ones I’ve already been viewing, but now I can save a ton on my memberships. I even found a few new ones that got my curiosity piqued.

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There’s nothing that can compare to a gorgeous woman in a short shirt with pantyhose on and a nice pair of heels. I can honestly say that not one time have I gone on a date and the lady showed up wearing that and she didn’t get laid. Not one time. She could’ve been the most annoying bitch on Earth and I still would’ve fucked her if she had a nice set of legs.

If you’re as obsessed as I am, you should take advantage of this lifetime discount of $10 off Leg Sex. You won’t find any hotter fetish porn anywhere else, I promise you that. These ladies are absolutely gorgeous and they have legs that go on for days. Their feet are scrumptious and the rest is pure gold. To say these beautiful babes are a perfect ten wouldn’t do them justice. This is the perfect site for those of you that enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Who doesn’t like to be teased a little?

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Having a foot fetish has taken such a dark tone, it’s a little ridiculous. Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it’s sexy as hell. There isn’t anything hotter than watching a pretty manicured set of feet rubbing your cock. Especially when they’re attached to a gorgeous woman. You can see it all when you hit up these hot feet porn discounts.

You won’t be limited to watching toes curl with pleasure as they’re sucked & licked though. You’ll be able to see all of the porn discount categories here, so you can be sure you’ll find whatever it is you’re into. There so much selection to choose from, for some of the best discounts you’ll ever find. I can’t say I’ve ever been even slightly disappointed.

My girl, she isn’t really into feet. She’ll let me have my way with hers but when it comes to watching porn together, she’ll pass on that particular fetish. But we’ve always been able to find something hot that gets us both in the mood with these sites.

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If you’re looking for something special, I have quite the treat for you. This 21 Naturals discount featuring 21 Foot Art access, is about to open your eyes to a world of beautiful erotica that will expand your sexual horizons in ways you never thought possible.

This network pass will bring you absolutely stunning videos that you will think of more as art than as porn, as they are taking passion and erotica to a level never before seen in the industry.

The quality is top notch, with ultra high definition films that are absolutely breathtaking. And don’t for one moment think that because they have such a treasure they aren’t willing to share. You will get unlimited downloads and streaming of all of the content, which includes every site on the network.

You may find Foot Art to be your favorite, as beautiful young women use their gorgeous feet in extremely erotic encounters. But there are plenty of other niches and hardcore channels to satisfy your every sexy desire as well!

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There’s this really decent discount deal I’d like to tell you guys about. It’s a foot fetish site and usually it would be very difficult for me to write a nice blog on something like this.

You see the thing about something like a foot fetish is that it is completely different to boobs or ass as examples. You don’t have to have a fetish for boobs and ass to still be turned on by them but it just doesn’t work that way with feet.. You’re either gagga over them such that you have a fetish or you feel the entire concept to be pretty silly, which is the case for me.

Here’s my gap though. Not only is there an awesome $25 discount to Hot Teen Feet, it goes beyond that. Since it is a member of The GF Network you actually get access to all 30+ sites on the network which caters for a wide variety of porn genres and niches.

If you do specifically want though there are more foot sex discounts here.

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hobbyist escort services

I’d like to think I look at things a little differently than most. It’s not exactly thinking outside the box, I just don’t take things for face value, I look a little deeper and usually it works out. You might consider me to be a hobbyist of sorts and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one that considers themselves on of them. Now make no mistake about it, you need to be a considerate man if you’re going to get all the foot fetish action that you can handle.

These girls are not going to just let you touch their feet for the hell of it. Working towards it always comes with some ups and downs but in the end it makes you feel really awesome when you get just what you wanted. If you happen to be on the lookout for hobbyist escort services I think I might be able to not just point you in the right direction, but make sure you only get the best services possible.

I don’t think there’s a better time than right now to get in on the action. Once you’ve made your booking all you need to do is count down the hours, or the days until that smooth looking escort and her beautiful feet are sitting across from you. Now doesn’t that sound like a plan? so why not put it into action now!

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While I can’t speak Italian I can understand what Piedi Velati is all about. While it should mean “gorgeous babes with sexy feet” it’s actually just a name for a site that has nothing but smoking hot babes and their smooth looking feet. The girls on this site love exposing themselves in front of the camera, they look totally beautiful and so do their feet. The site got started by two passionate friends who wanted to make a site that featured only stunning girls, and of course beautiful feet. As time went on the collection of girls and the content grew, these days it’s one of the hottest pure feet fetish sites on the net.

You’d be right in expecting that all the content is 100% exclusive. They have around 87 quality looking videos and 157 sets of pictures. I know a few people have complained about slow download speeds but trust me that’s all been fixed. You can explore the site and the girls right now, these babes are waiting to expose their exotic feet to you and they’ll make sure you always leave with a smile on your face. Want to skip all the waiting and just get instant access? Use this Piedi Velati discount pass!

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I’ve got a hot tip for all you barefoot maniacs, if you love foot fetish action don’t hesitate when I tell you to use this Foot Fetish TS discount pass for instant access. This site is filled with sexy chicks with dicks and lets not forget their smooth feet. These TS girls love being told by men like yourself that they have sexy looking feet, not only does it get them turned on but it also gets them in the mood to expose more of themselves for the camera.

The true foot worship videos look outstanding, they’re shot in full HD and getting up nice and close to those babes feet is totally fucking hot. They also have plenty of superb looking photos and a collection of girls that will keep you happy for many days to come. Now unless I’m blind or just totally hopeless this is one of the only shemale foot fetish sites on the net, as such not grabbing yourself a good deal on getting membership to the site just doesn’t make any sense!

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Gay foot fetish has really gone ahead in leaps and bounds, and it’s all thanks to sites like My Friends Feet. I’m what you’d call a foot freak, and a gay one at that. The smooth feeling you get when running your hands up and down a hunks sexy feet just can’t be beat. I like to take my time and really get to know every inch of their feet and soon enough their raging cock. Having a stud slide his dick between your feet while you jerk it up and down is such a sweet thing to do.

My Friends Feet is a site where you can see men in socks, bare feet, foot worship, and tickling. This site is still going strong after 16 years so you know the action inside has to be good. They have over 985 exclusive videos and there’s no DRM so you can download or stream them online. They’re adding around two new videos a week and they have a good variety of amateur men and gay pornstars to watch in action. Use this My Friends Feet discount pass here for instant access!

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