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If you had to make a confession about phone sex what would it be? I’m sure you’d be willing to share if it was a sexy experience that served you in ways that you never thought possible, I know I wouldn’t hold back.

Confession helps ease your mind and body

Once you get something off your chest you do feel a lot better about yourself. It doesn’t have to be from a real phone sex operator but obviously it would be awesome if it was. When you have the real deal to spice things up it always makes it sexier to know where the next step is going to be coming from.

Temptation comes with phone sex

You’ve always been one to go where temptation takes you and right now it is tempting you to read a A Hot Humiliation Phone Sex Tale. You want to let yourself go and enjoy the moment as if you were there to enjoy the saucy tale that it turned out to be. It doesn’t matter how strong-willed you are if you take what temptation you have a mix that with an experienced phone sex operator you might just be making a story of your own, and maybe you’ll share that one with us as well!

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