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Oh my goodness, who is this insanely gorgeous woman. It really doesn’t happen often to me but on the rare occasion when I see a woman that somehow just checks every single box to my taste then she takes my breath away just a little at first site and I can actually feel my body temperature rise and my heart rate increase.

Down boy! You’d swear I am some sex deprived geek with premature ejaculation issues the way I am carrying on here 😀

The site’s name is Leg Action so I really don’t need to tell you what the emphasis is on but they are not transfixed on it I can tell you that. Honestly that would just make it weird if they did and I’m not sure how you would go around creating such content or how it would hold an audience for an extended period.

So pretty much it is a high quality porn site with stunning models with specifically incredible legs and you can save on Leg Action with this 34% discount opportunity.

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Fetishes is something that fascinates me. To begin with I find it baffling that there are so many, literally more than a hundred. I saw a list recently that looks like the periodic table that lists most of them and it’s fascinating.

The thing that gets me most about it is how one thing can mean absolutely nothing for one person but be super erotic to another. To use myself as an example; Feet do absolutely nothing for me. I don’t find them unattractive either but you’re not going to get me to suck your toes, I don’t care how much you want me to.

But I get how that is sexy for someone else because all I have to do is consider some the kinky stuff that really works for me and not the majority of others and then I know you feel the same way I feel about that, about feet.

Use this discount to New Sensations for 75% off and you get loads of sexy feet stuff but also a massive selection to somewhat more mainstream porn. All so sexy.

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You really are on the next level of kinky if you get off on sucking your own toes. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it and while everything about this pic is crazy hot the sucking the own toes bit trumps all the hotness into amusement. Plainly put, it’s funny as fuck.

DDF network however is seriously awesome. The quality of their porn is top tier and I can say that without any reservation, this is as good as it gets. They are in the bracket of the best of the best.

The featured site here focuses on legs and feet and is aptly named accordingly, but I want to really bring to your attention is the amazing special deals currently up for grabs.

This link will take you to a review page to tell you a little bit more about it and has all the necessary links to guide you through the specials where you can save up to 72% on Hot Legs and Feet with our discount.

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There’s this really decent discount deal I’d like to tell you guys about. It’s a foot fetish site and usually it would be very difficult for me to write a nice blog on something like this.

You see the thing about something like a foot fetish is that it is completely different to boobs or ass as examples. You don’t have to have a fetish for boobs and ass to still be turned on by them but it just doesn’t work that way with feet.. You’re either gagga over them such that you have a fetish or you feel the entire concept to be pretty silly, which is the case for me.

Here’s my gap though. Not only is there an awesome discount for up to 50% off Hot Teen Feet, it goes beyond that. Since it is a member of The GF Network you actually get access to all 30+ sites on the network which caters for a wide variety of porn genres and niches.

If you do specifically want though there are more foot sex discounts here.

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I wonder how far off the biggest porn networks Wankz actually is. They are sure right up there with the biggest. I want to give a shout out to you guys who have not tried them out yet. Their stuff is the shit and what’s really awesome, beyond the quality, the models and the production is the sheer diversity.

You can even get a 26% off discount to and it unlocks complete access to well over 50 sites. I didn’t count, there’s no point when it’s this many. And the genres man, it’s fresh, hip, whatever your buzzword is. I saw stuff like My Stepdaughter Ate My Ass and that wasn’t a single scene, it’s an entire site full of content. Lethal Creampies, Natural Born Swallowers. Brilliant and completely entertaining on multiple levels.

You’ve got to see this stuff for yourself.

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