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There’s nothing that can compare to a gorgeous woman in a short shirt with pantyhose on and a nice pair of heels. I can honestly say that not one time have I gone on a date and the lady showed up wearing that and she didn’t get laid. Not one time. She could’ve been the most annoying bitch on Earth and I still would’ve fucked her if she had a nice set of legs.

If you’re as obsessed as I am, you should take advantage of this discount of 67% off Leg Sex. You won’t find any hotter fetish porn anywhere else, I promise you that. These ladies are absolutely gorgeous and they have legs that go on for days. Their feet are scrumptious and the rest is pure gold. To say these beautiful babes are a perfect ten wouldn’t do them justice. This is the perfect site for those of you that enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Who doesn’t like to be teased a little?

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What can you do when a horny legal teen wants your cum? Are you supposed to refuse her advances? I don’t know about you, but being single, I’ve got to admit I’d be putty in the girl’s hands or any other part of her. If a chick told me she wanted me to unload all of my jizz deep into her warm, wet pussy, I’d be too worried she’d change her mind in the amount of time it took me to question it. I’d just have to cross my fingers that she’s on birth control. is all about nubile beauties wanting to get injected with hot jizz. These girls seduce men and trick them into staying in for the orgasm. They know what they want and are determined to have it.

This isn’t a foot fetish site, but most of these babes are barefoot as they fuck. A lot of the videos are in POV so when those legs are spread and lifted, you get a glimpse of smooth soles in your face.

Even without feet, this Princess Cum discount with 49% off is a great buy.

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Fetishes is something that fascinates me. To begin with I find it baffling that there are so many, literally more than a hundred. I saw a list recently that looks like the periodic table that lists most of them and it’s fascinating.

The thing that gets me most about it is how one thing can mean absolutely nothing for one person but be super erotic to another. To use myself as an example; Feet do absolutely nothing for me. I don’t find them unattractive either but you’re not going to get me to suck your toes, I don’t care how much you want me to.

But I get how that is sexy for someone else because all I have to do is consider some the kinky stuff that really works for me and not the majority of others and then I know you feel the same way I feel about that, about feet.

Use this discount to New Sensations for 75% off and you get loads of sexy feet stuff but also a massive selection to somewhat more mainstream porn. All so sexy.

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When I’m watching porn I have a thing for black men and white women. There’s just something about the color contrast that gets me going. The darker the man and the lighter the woman the better it is for me.

This site has all the regular porn you see everywhere but it also features more intense niche categories. Plenty of gangbanging and glory hole footage as well as one on one action. One of my favorites is the foot fetish porn. I’ve always been a fan of a good foot job. There’s just something erotic about a man worshipping a woman’s feet. Sucking on toes and rubbing them all over the guys body. His big black cock sliding between her delicate feet until he explodes.

No matter what you’re into you’re sure to find it here. You could even take advantage of this

lifetime deal to Black Meat White Treat and save a bundle. You should check out all the categories and open your mind. You just might find something new to get you going.

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You really are on the next level of kinky if you get off on sucking your own toes. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it and while everything about this pic is crazy hot the sucking the own toes bit trumps all the hotness into amusement. Plainly put, it’s funny as fuck.

DDF network however is seriously awesome. The quality of their porn is top tier and I can say that without any reservation, this is as good as it gets. They are in the bracket of the best of the best.

The featured site here focuses on legs and feet and is aptly named accordingly, but I want to really bring to your attention is the amazing special deals currently up for grabs.

This link will take you to a review page to tell you a little bit more about it and has all the necessary links to guide you through the specials where you can save up to 72% on Hot Legs and Feet with our discount.

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Having a foot fetish has taken such a dark tone, it’s a little ridiculous. Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it’s sexy as hell. There isn’t anything hotter than watching a pretty manicured set of feet rubbing your cock. Especially when they’re attached to a gorgeous woman. You can see it all when you hit up these hot feet porn discounts.

You won’t be limited to watching toes curl with pleasure as they’re sucked & licked though. You’ll be able to see all of the porn discount categories here, so you can be sure you’ll find whatever it is you’re into. There so much selection to choose from, for some of the best discounts you’ll ever find. I can’t say I’ve ever been even slightly disappointed.

My girl, she isn’t really into feet. She’ll let me have my way with hers but when it comes to watching porn together, she’ll pass on that particular fetish. But we’ve always been able to find something hot that gets us both in the mood with these sites.

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If you’re looking for something special, I have quite the treat for you. This 21 Naturals discount featuring 21 Foot Art access, is about to open your eyes to a world of beautiful erotica that will expand your sexual horizons in ways you never thought possible.

This network pass will bring you absolutely stunning videos that you will think of more as art than as porn, as they are taking passion and erotica to a level never before seen in the industry.

The quality is top notch, with ultra high definition films that are absolutely breathtaking. And don’t for one moment think that because they have such a treasure they aren’t willing to share. You will get unlimited downloads and streaming of all of the content, which includes every site on the network.

You may find Foot Art to be your favorite, as beautiful young women use their gorgeous feet in extremely erotic encounters. But there are plenty of other niches and hardcore channels to satisfy your every sexy desire as well!

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There’s this really decent discount deal I’d like to tell you guys about. It’s a foot fetish site and usually it would be very difficult for me to write a nice blog on something like this.

You see the thing about something like a foot fetish is that it is completely different to boobs or ass as examples. You don’t have to have a fetish for boobs and ass to still be turned on by them but it just doesn’t work that way with feet.. You’re either gagga over them such that you have a fetish or you feel the entire concept to be pretty silly, which is the case for me.

Here’s my gap though. Not only is there an awesome discount for up to 50% off Hot Teen Feet, it goes beyond that. Since it is a member of The GF Network you actually get access to all 30+ sites on the network which caters for a wide variety of porn genres and niches.

If you do specifically want though there are more foot sex discounts here.

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If you want to see some gorgeous feet attached to beautiful Italian girls, here’s where you can get your Passione Piedi discount for 31% off. I don’t speak the language but I’m pretty sure that means something like Foot Passion, or Passion Feet. You can feel the exotic presence within the feet of the site here too. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like you’re getting quality here, like Italian leather. Only it’s feet.

Grabbing this deal is going to save you $7 off your 30-day pass. There’s over 20 years experience at work here by a true foot-lover too, so you’re not going to get any crap slapped together by someone looking to make a quick buck that doesn’t have any real passion for feet. You’re going to get gorgeous babes with the best feet. The photos are phenomenal and you can watch girls play footsie with their soapy toes and so much more here! Have a look around for yourself and grab this saucy Italian deal on erotic and exotic foot porn today!

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Not just a softcore tease site, though you will get some tantalizing, teasing foot scenes, you’re also getting some hardcore fucking along with sexy foot action when you grab your 21 Foot Art discount. Watch foot worship, stockings, socks, ankle warmers, pedicured toes, high heels, sexy legs and ankles, foot jobs and all things lusty feet can do. Also check out cock-sucking, cum-shots, interracial, and more. A variety of women and feet are here too; babes, amateurs, teens, and porn stars.

There’s over 80 videos at-the-ready on this site for you, but what’s even better is you also get a couple of bonus sites to add some more variety to your personal porn stash and they won’t cost you anything extra. 21 Erotic Anal and 21 Naturals are here to help you along with your fantasy feet situations. You’ll likely see some of these pretty feet in the other porn sites as well. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal today on foot fetish porn, anal porn and all-natural girls getting hot and heavy!

Here’s even more Porn Discounts and Deals.

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I don’t know, this babe may just beat Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with over 88 inches of leg in this soapy bathtub. You know Julia had a sultry little nipple slip in that movie, right? Nice. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. It’s to tell you about the huge 82% off discount to Hot Legs and Feet you’re getting when you grab this DDF Network deal. You’ll save big time off full price and that steep discounted price will never go up on you as long as you keep some life in your membership. That’s right, renew as often as you want and keep this low price on these hot legs and feet.

There’s over 1,100 girls here, by the way, and 2,200 videos where these babes wear gorgeous shoes and lingerie and stockings while they tease you with foot service, sole licking, toe sucking, foot jobs and barefoot lust. There’s also some other hardcore content, of course. Check out the bonus sites you’re getting within the entire network you’re not paying a dime extra for. You get live porn babes too, as well as VOD movies. Check it out; grab your deal!


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If you’re looking to make money online, one of the most powerful and lucrative ways to make money is through your own sex dating site. Now, you might be shocked, but don’t be. Thanks to the internet and mobile dating apps like Tinder, going out on a sex date has never been easier. You can say goodbye to the hundreds of dollars you normally have to spend at a bar. You can say goodbye to getting your self-esteem crushed walking through the typical meat market singles dating bar. You can kiss all that shit goodbye and focus on what’s important.

What’s important is hooking up with the right person. This is such a winning value proposition that a lot of people have gotten rich by simply deciding to build their own sex dating site. You can too. Here’s how you do it.

Create a Unique Identity

The problem with the typical sex dating site out there is that it’s a clone of the million other sex date sites that came before it. Not of them offer the original quality of .How successful do you think that online venture would be? Well, let me get the cat out of the bag: most sex date sites fail. It’s not because they lack effort, it’s not because the people behind them did not invest in them properly, it’s not because the people behind them are necessarily dumb. They just did not establish a unique identity. You have to remember that whether you’re trying to sell baby shoes, baby socks, pet training, or sexual dating online, you have to stand out from your competition. Creating a unique online brand is definitely a step in that direction.

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I wonder how far off the biggest porn networks Wankz actually is. They are sure right up there with the biggest. I want to give a shout out to you guys who have not tried them out yet. Their stuff is the shit and what’s really awesome, beyond the quality, the models and the production is the sheer diversity.

You can even get a 26% off discount to and it unlocks complete access to well over 50 sites. I didn’t count, there’s no point when it’s this many. And the genres man, it’s fresh, hip, whatever your buzzword is. I saw stuff like My Stepdaughter Ate My Ass and that wasn’t a single scene, it’s an entire site full of content. Lethal Creampies, Natural Born Swallowers. Brilliant and completely entertaining on multiple levels.

You’ve got to see this stuff for yourself.

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Foot Fetish Daily Discount

If you are sick and tired of getting bilked for mucho dinero each and every month to look at porn I have a deal for you. Well, I actually have over 3,500 porn discounts for you to enjoy, but today I am going to hone in on one of them specifically: Foot Fetish Daily.

This site is updated every day of the week, just like the name says. They do all things feet related. Clean feet, dirty feet, naked feet, clothed feet, footjobs, oily feet, cummy feet, you name it, they have it. But all of this devotion comes at a price. Namely a $39.95 per month price.

Fuck that!

Porn Discounts has lined up a better deal and it’s a lifetime discount to Foot Fetish Daily for 51% off. Get every 4K update and all past episodes with a Foot Fetish Daily discount! Now you can afford to pamper yourself with the proper oils and tools to get off online!

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Feet-lovers are going to thoroughly enjoy the work of John, a man on a mission to find only the sexiest sluts with the prettiest feet totally worth fucking on camera and dousing with creamy spunk. When you get your FuckedFeet discount you’re getting 45% off full price with 60 babes in 60 videos featuring their lusty lower limbs. The site continues to grow, and you’ll also get into the entire VNA Girls Network for no additional charge.

For other specialty niches you might enjoy, you can go here for even more deals. There’s some hot teens in virtual reality porn, fake reality porn, older/younger fucking, nubiles, squirting, plus so much more. Check things out for yourself and grab the deal for you today!

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