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When you let go of certain things in life and go back to basics you start to understand why something as simple as foot worship still manages to turn you on in ways that nothing else could. You get that sensual feeling running throughout your body and it pulsates over you as you feel that worship coming over you like never before.

Those sensual feet are doing what they do best and right now you’re getting to the point of no return. Many things are racing through your mind and all those smooth thoughts are driving you totally wild. How are you able to control yourself when you obviously have everything that you need to let it all out and make the moment count? it just comes down to pure self-control and you’re always going to have that.

You do get to that certain point where the lines begin to blur and when they do you can count on yourself to make the most of it. With your naughty side at the ready, you set in for what could be the most sensual experience of your life and you do that with the biggest smile on your face that you can muster.

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