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You guys won’t ever need to sleep alone! Not when you can get nice and naughty with a Kink VR discount for up to 75% off! In fact, sleep is going to be a thing of the past, you might not sleep for days and you won’t even give a dam when you’re getting treated to the kinkiest VR sex action on the planet. When I first got my Oculus Rift VR kit I couldn’t wait to watch a movie on it…. well okay I was more thinking were is all the xxx porn!

Fast forward a few weeks now and many sleepless nights later and I’m still enjoying smoking hot action with the kinkiest girls online. I think when you put sex, submissions, fetish, virtual reality, anything like that together you’ll always end up with xxx action that’s always going to satisfy those naughty cravings that so many of us have. I guess not everyone has a virtual reality kit yet and if you don’t I do feel for you.

There’s being adventurous and there’s being one that doesn’t take things lightly unless it’s hardcore. I for one don’t want to be one of those guys that gets left behind when everyone else is enjoying themselves. It’s for that exact reason that the moment I could afford a VR headset I went for it. Of course you could use one of the cheaper solutions like Google Cardboard, or even those mobile phone vr things. For me there’s a good reason why I went all the way and my cock certainly doesn’t mind thanking me!

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