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There’s this really decent discount deal I’d like to tell you guys about. It’s a foot fetish site and usually it would be very difficult for me to write a nice blog on something like this.

You see the thing about something like a foot fetish is that it is completely different to boobs or ass as examples. You don’t have to have a fetish for boobs and ass to still be turned on by them but it just doesn’t work that way with feet.. You’re either gagga over them such that you have a fetish or you feel the entire concept to be pretty silly, which is the case for me.

Here’s my gap though. Not only is there an awesome $25 discount to Hot Teen Feet, it goes beyond that. Since it is a member of The GF Network you actually get access to all 30+ sites on the network which caters for a wide variety of porn genres and niches.

If you do specifically want though there are more foot sex discounts here.

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If you want to see some gorgeous feet attached to beautiful Italian girls, here’s where you can get your Passione Piedi discount. I don’t speak the language but I’m pretty sure that means something like Foot Passion, or Passion Feet. You can feel the exotic presence within the feet of the site here too. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like you’re getting quality here, like Italian leather. Only it’s feet.

Grabbing this deal is going to save you $6 off your 30-day pass. There’s over 20 years experience at work here by a true foot-lover too, so you’re not going to get any crap slapped together by someone looking to make a quick buck that doesn’t have any real passion for feet. You’re going to get gorgeous babes with the best feet. The photos are phenomenal and you can watch girls play footsie with their soapy toes and so much more here! Have a look around for yourself and grab this saucy Italian deal on erotic and exotic foot porn today!

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Not just a softcore tease site, though you will get some tantalizing, teasing foot scenes, you’re also getting some hardcore fucking along with sexy foot action when you grab your 21 Foot Art discount. Watch foot worship, stockings, socks, ankle warmers, pedicured toes, high heels, sexy legs and ankles, foot jobs and all things lusty feet can do. Also check out cock-sucking, cum-shots, interracial, and more. A variety of women and feet are here too; babes, amateurs, teens, and porn stars.

There’s over 80 videos at-the-ready on this site for you, but what’s even better is you also get a couple of bonus sites to add some more variety to your personal porn stash and they won’t cost you anything extra. 21 Erotic Anal and 21 Naturals are here to help you along with your fantasy feet situations. You’ll likely see some of these pretty feet in the other porn sites as well. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal today on foot fetish porn, anal porn and all-natural girls getting hot and heavy!

Here’s even more Porn Discounts and Deals.

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I don’t know, this babe may just beat Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman with over 88 inches of leg in this soapy bathtub. You know Julia had a sultry little nipple slip in that movie, right? Nice. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. It’s to tell you about the huge lifetime discount to Hot Legs and Feet you’re getting when you grab this DDF Network deal. You’ll save 82% off full price and that steep discounted price will never go up on you as long as you keep some life in your membership. That’s right, renew as often as you want and keep this low price on these hot legs and feet.

There’s over 1,100 girls here, by the way, and 2,200 videos where these babes wear gorgeous shoes and lingerie and stockings while they tease you with foot service, sole licking, toe sucking, foot jobs and barefoot lust. There’s also some other hardcore content, of course. Check out the bonus sites you’re getting within the entire network you’re not paying a dime extra for. You get live porn babes too, as well as VOD movies. Check it out; grab your deal!


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If you’re looking to make money online, one of the most powerful and lucrative ways to make money is through your own sex dating site. Now, you might be shocked, but don’t be. Thanks to the internet and mobile dating apps like Tinder, going out on a sex date has never been easier. You can say goodbye to the hundreds of dollars you normally have to spend at a bar. You can say goodbye to getting your self-esteem crushed walking through the typical meat market singles dating bar. You can kiss all that shit goodbye and focus on what’s important.

What’s important is hooking up with the right person. This is such a winning value proposition that a lot of people have gotten rich by simply deciding to build their own sex dating site. You can too. Here’s how you do it.

Create a Unique Identity

The problem with the typical sex dating site out there is that it’s a clone of the million other sex date sites that came before it. Not of them offer the original quality of .How successful do you think that online venture would be? Well, let me get the cat out of the bag: most sex date sites fail. It’s not because they lack effort, it’s not because the people behind them did not invest in them properly, it’s not because the people behind them are necessarily dumb. They just did not establish a unique identity. You have to remember that whether you’re trying to sell baby shoes, baby socks, pet training, or sexual dating online, you have to stand out from your competition. Creating a unique online brand is definitely a step in that direction.

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I wonder how far off the biggest porn networks Wankz actually is. They are sure right up there with the biggest. I want to give a shout out to you guys who have not tried them out yet. Their stuff is the shit and what’s really awesome, beyond the quality, the models and the production is the sheer diversity.

You can even get a $5 discount to here and it unlocks complete access to well over 50 sites. I didn’t count, there’s no point when it’s this many. And the genres man, it’s fresh, hip, whatever your buzzword is. I saw stuff like My Stepdaughter Ate My Ass and that wasn’t a single scene, it’s an entire site full of content. Lethal Creampies, Natural Born Swallowers. Brilliant and completely entertaining on multiple levels.

You’ve got to see this stuff for yourself.

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Foot Fetish Daily Discount

If you are sick and tired of getting bilked for mucho dinero each and every month to look at porn I have a deal for you. Well, I actually have over 3,500 porn discounts for you to enjoy, but today I am going to hone in on one of them specifically: Foot Fetish Daily.

This site is updated every day of the week, just like the name says. They do all things feet related. Clean feet, dirty feet, naked feet, clothed feet, footjobs, oily feet, cummy feet, you name it, they have it. But all of this devotion comes at a price. Namely a $34.95 per month price.

Fuck that!

Porn Discounts has lined up a better deal and it is a lifetime deal so your monthly bill will never be more than $19.95 per month. Get every 4K update and all past episodes with a Foot Fetish Daily discount! Now you can afford to pamper yourself with the proper oils and tools to get off online!

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independent Miami escort

Living or just visiting Miami is like a dream come true. Not only are there beautiful women all over the place, there’s smoking hot escorts too! These south beach girls are all the rage and once you’ve taken one or more girls out on a date you’ll soon see why. If you happen to be visiting the area why not be shown the sights by a classy VIP call girl? Many of these girls have been local for many years so they know the area like the back of their hand.

Making a night of it wouldn’t be complete without getting yourself an independent Miami escort to show you what a good time really looks like. You can leave it up to the girls on what the night entails, or take total control and show the babe that you’re a man that doesn’t just know what he wants, he has it planned down to the finest detail. This is a great way of making sure that even when you’re in the presence of a beauty you still know what you want.

I think you’ll soon discover the many pleasures that local call girls in south beach can bring. Now there’s no reason why you guys should be still wasting your time here, not when these girls are ready for you to make a booking with them. Once you’ve taken care of that you only need to wait for the moment that Miami escort meets you in person.

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hobbyist escort services

I’d like to think I look at things a little differently than most. It’s not exactly thinking outside the box, I just don’t take things for face value, I look a little deeper and usually it works out. You might consider me to be a hobbyist of sorts and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one that considers themselves on of them. Now make no mistake about it, you need to be a considerate man if you’re going to get all the foot fetish action that you can handle.

These girls are not going to just let you touch their feet for the hell of it. Working towards it always comes with some ups and downs but in the end it makes you feel really awesome when you get just what you wanted. If you happen to be on the lookout for hobbyist escort services I think I might be able to not just point you in the right direction, but make sure you only get the best services possible.

I don’t think there’s a better time than right now to get in on the action. Once you’ve made your booking all you need to do is count down the hours, or the days until that smooth looking escort and her beautiful feet are sitting across from you. Now doesn’t that sound like a plan? so why not put it into action now!

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Feet-lovers are going to thoroughly enjoy the work of John, a man on a mission to find only the sexiest sluts with the prettiest feet totally worth fucking on camera and dousing with creamy spunk. When you get your FuckedFeet discount you’re getting 45% off full price with 60 babes in 60 videos featuring their lusty lower limbs. The site continues to grow, and you’ll also get into the entire VNA Girls Network for no additional charge.

For other specialty niches you might enjoy, you can go here for even more deals. There’s some hot teens in virtual reality porn, fake reality porn, older/younger fucking, nubiles, squirting, plus so much more. Check things out for yourself and grab the deal for you today!

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To get what you need, you must first give people what they need

What do people need? Well, when it comes to adult dating, thankfully the answer is quite predictable. The answer is actually quite basic. People who are into adult dating are looking to satisfy their sexual needs. Pretty straightforward, right? It seems like this is no big mystery. Well, think again.

Sexual needs, when you break them down, really is about feeling comforted. It’s about feeling like you matter and feeling like somebody is paying attention to you. Do you see where this is headed? It’s all about the sense of personal security. This is the most basic human need. Next to eating, sleeping, pissing, shitting, and drinking, people want to feel sheltered. People want to feel safe and secure and taken care of. Always think in these basic terms so you can communicate in such a way that you can create the perception that you can provide these things.

Do you see where I’m coming from? Most guys don’t deal with that shit and they just focus on what they want. What they want is actually quite obvious. They want to stick their dicks into tight holes. No big mystery there. The problem is you’re not going to get from point A to point B without paying attention to what women in point B want. They want security. They want to feel that they matter. How do you make that happen? When you project confidence.

Confidence is the international shorthand regardless of cultures sexual expectation, religion, past experiences, for security. Which person would make you feel more secure? Somebody who constantly doubts himself and so timid and shy, that he doesn’t even want to look people in the eye and runs away quickly at the drop of a hat. Compare that dude from a guy who looks confident and he is ready to stare adversity the eyes, beat the fuck out of it and keep pushing forward. Which guy would you rather hang out with?

I know you’re a dude but even dudes would rather hang out with people who are confident. How much more females? Do you see where I’m coming from here? Put these two central facts together so you can take an assessment of your skills and hone them accordingly. You need to communicate in such a way that you make people around you feel comfortable. When it comes to adult dating, you need to make women feel comfortable enough, not just with your words, but also with your non-verbal communication so she can hang out with you.

If she hangs out with you, then both of you will have a good time. It really is that basic. It’s all about people becoming confident about each other. Avoid thinking about adult dating as you wanting something and women having that thing that you want. The problem with that thinking is that you’re treating them like objects and guess what? It’s no surprise that you will get frustrated in the future because hey, women are not objects. They have their own agendas, they have their own needs. Deal with them as mature human beings and you will be richly rewarded when using .

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So you’ve had a thing for trannies and a thing for feet, but could never quite get your fix of both at once, eh? Well, I’ve got the solution for you: check out these hot t-girls with sexy feet and read the Foot Fetish TS review here. The site was started in 2012, so it’s just 5 years young, but already getting full on content that you’re sure to enjoy.

Check out the sexy toes, oiled-up arches, and beautiful soles on these beautiful chicks with dicks. Content is updated weekly and compatible with all devices. You can stream or download these hot HD videos as you wish. Check it out now and save yourself 59% off full price; get this deal while this one-of-a-kind site is hot!

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You guys won’t ever need to sleep alone! Not when you can get nice and naughty with a Kink VR discount for up to 75% off! In fact, sleep is going to be a thing of the past, you might not sleep for days and you won’t even give a dam when you’re getting treated to the kinkiest VR sex action on the planet. When I first got my Oculus Rift VR kit I couldn’t wait to watch a movie on it…. well okay I was more thinking were is all the xxx porn!

Fast forward a few weeks now and many sleepless nights later and I’m still enjoying smoking hot action with the kinkiest girls online. I think when you put sex, submissions, fetish, virtual reality, anything like that together you’ll always end up with xxx action that’s always going to satisfy those naughty cravings that so many of us have. I guess not everyone has a virtual reality kit yet and if you don’t I do feel for you.

There’s being adventurous and there’s being one that doesn’t take things lightly unless it’s hardcore. I for one don’t want to be one of those guys that gets left behind when everyone else is enjoying themselves. It’s for that exact reason that the moment I could afford a VR headset I went for it. Of course you could use one of the cheaper solutions like Google Cardboard, or even those mobile phone vr things. For me there’s a good reason why I went all the way and my cock certainly doesn’t mind thanking me!

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While I can’t speak Italian I can understand what Piedi Velati is all about. While it should mean “gorgeous babes with sexy feet” it’s actually just a name for a site that has nothing but smoking hot babes and their smooth looking feet. The girls on this site love exposing themselves in front of the camera, they look totally beautiful and so do their feet. The site got started by two passionate friends who wanted to make a site that featured only stunning girls, and of course beautiful feet. As time went on the collection of girls and the content grew, these days it’s one of the hottest pure feet fetish sites on the net.

You’d be right in expecting that all the content is 100% exclusive. They have around 87 quality looking videos and 157 sets of pictures. I know a few people have complained about slow download speeds but trust me that’s all been fixed. You can explore the site and the girls right now, these babes are waiting to expose their exotic feet to you and they’ll make sure you always leave with a smile on your face. Want to skip all the waiting and just get instant access? Use this Piedi Velati discount pass!

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Authentic Baltimore Escorts are easier to find than you might think. Now I’ve had a few people mention to me that they just can’t seem to locate worthwhile escorts in the Maryland area, and well I just think you guys haven’t been looking hard enough. I’ve had no problem at all in finding bot incall and outcall escorts, in fact I’ve had the pleasure of seeing two gorgeous babes just this week.

I guess it does help that I know exactly where to find escort girls in Baltimore, and if you’re nice enough I might just do you guys a solid and let you know how I do it. Now I can’t help you guys choose the girl, that’s up to you and that’s the way it should be. I love leggy escorts with beautiful feet but you guys might like a completely different type of girl. Now the next time your wanting local escorts in Baltimore you’ll know exactly where to find them.

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