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To get what you need, you must first give people what they need

What do people need? Well, when it comes to adult dating, thankfully the answer is quite predictable. The answer is actually quite basic. People who are into adult dating are looking to satisfy their sexual needs. Pretty straightforward, right? It seems like this is no big mystery. Well, think again.

Sexual needs, when you break them down, really is about feeling comforted. It’s about feeling like you matter and feeling like somebody is paying attention to you. Do you see where this is headed? It’s all about the sense of personal security. This is the most basic human need. Next to eating, sleeping, pissing, shitting, and drinking, people want to feel sheltered. People want to feel safe and secure and taken care of. Always think in these basic terms so you can communicate in such a way that you can create the perception that you can provide these things.

Do you see where I’m coming from? Most guys don’t deal with that shit and they just focus on what they want. What they want is actually quite obvious. They want to stick their dicks into tight holes. No big mystery there. The problem is you’re not going to get from point A to point B without paying attention to what women in point B want. They want security. They want to feel that they matter. How do you make that happen? When you project confidence.

Confidence is the international shorthand regardless of cultures sexual expectation, religion, past experiences, for security. Which person would make you feel more secure? Somebody who constantly doubts himself and so timid and shy, that he doesn’t even want to look people in the eye and runs away quickly at the drop of a hat. Compare that dude from a guy who looks confident and he is ready to stare adversity the eyes, beat the fuck out of it and keep pushing forward. Which guy would you rather hang out with?

I know you’re a dude but even dudes would rather hang out with people who are confident. How much more females? Do you see where I’m coming from here? Put these two central facts together so you can take an assessment of your skills and hone them accordingly. You need to communicate in such a way that you make people around you feel comfortable. When it comes to adult dating, you need to make women feel comfortable enough, not just with your words, but also with your non-verbal communication so she can hang out with you.

If she hangs out with you, then both of you will have a good time. It really is that basic. It’s all about people becoming confident about each other. Avoid thinking about adult dating as you wanting something and women having that thing that you want. The problem with that thinking is that you’re treating them like objects and guess what? It’s no surprise that you will get frustrated in the future because hey, women are not objects. They have their own agendas, they have their own needs. Deal with them as mature human beings and you will be richly rewarded when using .

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